I stare up into the night sky.

The snow falls gently.

It melts as it touches my face.

I close my eyes.

Snowflakes stick to my eyelashes.

I exhale deeply.

I am so tired.

I lay down.

The snow hugs my body.

I take a deep breath and sink further.

The snow begins to fall more intensely. 

It stings my cheeks.

My eyelashes freeze together.

The cold creeps into my spine.

Parts of me are numb.

My breathing slows.

My mind is still.

Time passes.

I feel safe under my snow blanket.

How long have I been lying here?

I can’t feel my arms or legs. 

I struggle to breathe under the weight of the snow.

I will myself to move. 


I try again and again.


I am frozen.

I did not mean for this to happen.

The heaviness is crushing me.

Every breath hurts.

I want to surrender to the numbness.

I want to let go, but I can’t.

With everything I have left, I push against the weight.

The blanket falls to the side.

I swing my legs over the edge of the bed.

Another day begins.


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