Stillness and Motion

My year of possibility is off to a brilliant start.   Two things I have discovered are possible:

  1. You can give yourself a concussion while putting on your boots.
  2. I can be forced into stillness.


Yes, it is ridiculous but true.  It happened while rushing out the door to pick my girls up from school on time.  After wrestling myself into my super puffy winter coat and nearly strangling myself on my stupidly long hand knit scarf, I bent over to lace up my Sorels and cracked my head on the corner of the stair railing.

As I sat on the stairs waiting for my vision to return, I pictured my girls peering forlornly through the school yard’s chain link fence hoping their depth-perception-challenged mother had not abandoned them.

I spent the next 24 hours in bed only opening my eyes to take more Advil or Tylenol and moan about my ouchy.  A lovely friend came over to wake me up periodically, check the size of my pupils and ask if I knew what day of the week it was.  She also fed, watered and entertained my family.


Turns out this head-meet-stair-railing thing was an unexpected gift that forced me to be still.  Only two weeks into 2016  my calendar was filled with friends, adventures and opportunities like they were going out of style. I was so caught up in all the people possibilities that I forgot about the quiet possibilities.

I’m not good at quiet.  In fact, I suck at quiet.  But I do recognize its value and I want to experience the benefits that come with being  still in body and mind.  A new friend recently shared her experience with meditation and I was intrigued.  I want this to be a possibility for me.  After some reading and video watching, I have decided to schedule meditation time into my calendar – like a date with myself.  I plan to step into quietness slowly with five minutes of daily meditation to see what happens and where it takes me.

As I explore all the possibilities between stillness and motion, I am hopeful that all head type injuries are now behind me.


2 thoughts on “Stillness and Motion

  1. Well, I feel for the railing but I don’t see any dents in it ! So glad you are ok and it was a aha moment for you, and possibly live changing.
    Hope your feeling better and be careful, boots are not for kids.



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